Just One Wish

My parents spent a decent amount of money on my musical education starting in second grade, and my ability to sight read music is still atrocious.

Maybe it’s just my silly brain combined with my fear of sight singing, but I just suck at it and it hasn’t gotten better over the years.

I see the notes, I open my mouth, and poop flies out. Every single time.

When learning music, I succeed when someone bangs out my part on the piano and I record it and then go over it a few times. It’s not practical for someone who used to work in the business, but it’s my process.

If I could have one wish granted, I would want to be able to sightread music and have perfect pitch. That’s two wishes, I know. I can count. Mostly.

So until then, maybe I should work on it. But if history has proven anything, I won’t.