No It’s Not Spring

I took this picture last weekend when the weather was in the 70’s. This week has been rainy and cold, so I haven’t smiled since Saturday.

Well maybe I have smiled, but not because it’s spring.

Spring 2018 sucks.



Tonight at choir I was waiting for the restroom and the woman who organizes our music was upstairs talking loudly about something or other.

As she neared the stairs I heard her say, “April is just terrible. April has just been absolutely horrible. April is a waste this year.”

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It’s one of my favorite times of year when the weather gets a bit warmer and the cherry trees bloom.

Today I made my way to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and a handful of cherries were in full bloom.

Their cherry esplanade is something to behold and I will be watching their bloom tracker to make sure I catch the upcoming flower explosion. But, while I wait, this was a nice teaser.