Cats and Laundry

One of our cats loves freshly laundered clothing.

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296 Kitty Alarm

When we adopted our cat Walter Sobchak two and a half months ago, one thing that I didn’t really consider was him waking us up. I thought, “Cats don’t do that, right?” My whole family can chime in on waking me up, as it’s not a nice thing. But, the cat being a cat, has decided that it’s in his best interest to wake me up everyday at 5:45 A.M.

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332 You Can’t Keep Walter Sobchak Down


We adopted our new cat, Walter Sobchak, about a month ago. My mother who is allergic to cats, is coming next weekend. Currently Walter has found himself banned from the bedroom for two weeks so my mother has a cat-less place to sleep. Walter normally goes into the bedroom to sleep under the bed during the afternoon, so he is not happy about this new arrangement.

In search of a place to hide, Walter now naps on top of our kitchen cupboards. It’s quite a ways up there and he has ignored the boxes and tinfoil we have put in his way. He lays up there for hours and sleeps while we go about our day. Hell, if he’s into it, I’m cool with that. As you can see from the picture, he seems quite comfortable.

All my life I thought I hated cats, but Walter has proved me wrong. He is a chill snuggle bug, and we love him. Walter Sobchak, you are the perfect addition to our family.