Homemade Ranch

After I sold my soul to the Whole30 devil, I found replacements for foods I had given up a long time ago. Ranch dressing was one of those things.

Around 2013 I started having an issue with dairy, so I cut it from my diet the best I could. This early dairy eradication actually helped me adapt more quickly the Whole30 lifestyle because it wasn’t a part of my daily diet.

During my second Whole30 I needed to find something that would satisfy my fast food cravings. Something that would taste like it was bad for me but was within my diet parameters. After trolling Pinterest, I figured ranch dressing would do the trick.

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Just Bagels

IMG_5299Bagels are one of my favorite foods and back when I ate them, I loved discovering a killer bagel in NYC. When Andy and I started using FreshDirect in the late 2000’s, we ordered two packs of frozen bagels baked by a company in the Bronx called Just Bagels.

We were stunned at how delicious these bagels were. Two of my favorite NYC bagel bakers are Astoria Bagel Company in Queens and The Bagel Pub in Brooklyn, and Just Bagels is right up there with them.

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154 Lazy Sunday Confessions – My Own Cooking Show


In 2005, I lived by myself in a 2 bedroom apartment for about 6 months. At times it was lonely, so I watched a lot of expensive cable TV.

This was about the time I first watched the Food Network, and I became obsessed. “I could do that!”, I thought. “I could be a TV chef.”

So I rehearsed for my dream job every time I cooked a big meal.  I attempted to seamlessly cook and banter about my process at the same time, and it was a disaster.

This is one of the first times I realized that I was a true terror in the kitchen. My food would turn out great, but the mess I left (see picture above from last week) and my wild process, could potentially give viewers massive anxiety.

So I quit rehearsing for my cooking show, stopped watching the Food Network, and started watching the entirety of Six Feet Under. It was the safest choice for everyone involved.