Snow Angel


GIF by Jaeger Sloan Studio

I don’t winter well. Just ask my husband.

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142 Justice a la Poker


Last night I was in my criminal law class, and we discussed New York Law CPL 240. I won’t bore you with too much legal jargon, but what CPL 240 does is permit the DA to withhold any evidence they have, or lack of evidence, from the defendant until the time of the trial. What this means is, even if the DA has no evidence on the defendant, the defendant can still accept a plea to avoid a larger sentence if the trial goes to court with an unpredictable jury.

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362 It’s Officially Winter. ShopRite Deemed it So!

Last night we had the news on in the bedroom, and the grim reality of winter slapped me right in the face; I saw the ShopRite Can Can Sale commercial for the first time this year. I have never been to a ShopRite, but I know that every January they slash their prices on canned goods, and they run this catchy add a million times a day all over the tri-state area. Every year it’s aired just as we are coming down from the holiday high and the winter doldrums are creeping in. As a Pittsburgher would say, “it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I see the Eat-N-Park Christmas Star commercial”, I know I cannot be semi-depressed about winter till I see the Can Can Sale commercial.

Here it is in all of its splendid glory:

It’s so damn catchy, isn’t it? My husband admitted last night that it’s his favorite local commercial. Maybe the theatrical theme is what attracts me, or my desire to become can can dancer, but even as I write this I can’t stop watching it over and over again on YouTube. Well done ShopRite! Here’s to the start of this year’s winter doldrums! Is it Spring yet?