The Best Birthday Gift

Apparently, NYC school kids are on vacation this week. Happy birthday to me!

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Thank You, MTA

The MTA is now using their announcement system to remind people to wash their hands and get their flu shots as it’s a terrible flu season. Although I do appreciate the reminder, I find the MTA asking its passengers to wash their hands, is frankly, hilarious.

I am riding a two train right now and it’s filthy. Something spilled on the floor and it was attempted to be moped up at some point. There are chalky streaks all over the floor, making the floor gritty under my shoes. The whole train smells faintly of feces as it normally does this time of year and we all just sit here and put up with it.

So, yes, MTA. I will wash my hands once I arrive at my destination because your trains are nasty. But let me assure you, it’s not because of the flu.

Unexpected Kindness

subway-doorI was on my way home from work yesterday around 5:15 PM, riding the 4 train. The train was crowded, as per usual, and I was standing near the middle of the subway car with my backpack between my legs on the floor to make space for others.

When the train reaches Fulton Street, about half of the passengers normally exit the train to transfer to another line or NJ Transit. More often than not, this is a time to grab a seat.

During my journey yesterday, only a few people exited and I didn’t get a seat. No big deal.

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