The Best Birthday Gift

Apparently, NYC school kids are on vacation this week. Happy birthday to me!

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Thank You, MTA

The MTA is now using their announcement system to remind people to wash their hands and get their flu shots as it’s a terrible flu season. Although I do appreciate the reminder, I find the MTA asking its passengers to wash their hands, is frankly, hilarious.

I am riding a two train right now and it’s filthy. Something spilled on the floor and it was attempted to be moped up at some point. There are chalky streaks all over the floor, making the floor gritty under my shoes. The whole train smells faintly of feces as it normally does this time of year and we all just sit here and put up with it.

So, yes, MTA. I will wash my hands once I arrive at my destination because your trains are nasty. But let me assure you, it’s not because of the flu.

Rude Company

240_F_82333476_6K4xkVPSj7q0QhoK0enUN2vdRmeiBsM7The office building I work out of has a large footprint but it only has six floors. Because of this, and the crappy elevator situation, we get to know our vertical neighbors quite well.

In the morning, there is normally a line of 10-20 people waiting to use the elevators. We represent a wide range of people. From the smelly and unkempt to precision like fashionistas. Straight out of college to longtime VP’s.

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Thank you January

Today it got up to 52 degrees in NYC.

For the first time in weeks it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I actually desired to get out and do something instead of hiding in my apartment. I opened the windows, put the screens in, and relished the warm breeze. Even the cats seemed happy to get some fresh air.

I know it won’t last long but it was nice to have a reminder that this winter shit won’t last forever. Well at least, not as far as we know.


Sweet Singing in the Choir

b929b112660c32b65d6077d249b2e294I sing in a community choir in Brooklyn. Over the past 4 years, the membership cost of the choir has doubled and the school we are associated with has shortened the number of our performances. This fall we went 3 weeks with inadequate light in our rehearsal room before they changed the lightbulbs and the staff was annoyed that we even asked to have the bulbs changed.

We always have a winter concert in January or February, and that means having rehearsal on MLK Day, an observed holiday in NYC. We also have a summer concert that happens right after Memorial Day and we have to rehearse on Memorial Day.

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