The Subway Singer

Last night I was on my way home from dinner at a friend’s house and there was a man on the train singing his favorite songs in full voice. The man, from what I believe is on the spectrum, and his singing was short bursts of melody with indecipherable lyrics.

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Fallen Soilders

We had some nasty weather here in NYC yesterday, which resulted in hundreds if not thousands of mortally wounded umbrellas left to die on the streets of NYC. I would have to say it’s the highest number of umbrella deaths I have seen in one day in NYC.

Here are a few highlights from my walk home from the train:

Hump Day

Our office provides a hot breakfast on Wednesday mornings. It’s a great perk that’s been happening for years at our company.

Family breakfast is great way to get us in the office early on a Wednesday, excited about tackling hump day. The team that cooks for us also cleans our offices, and they are top notch.

Every once in a while someone will make homemade tamales for family breakfast and they are quite possibly the best I have ever had. Someone even drew a cartoon picture of a tamale with a face on it, as a homage to our favorite breakfast item, and called him Mr. Tamale. I know when I see his silly grin on the cafe wall, it’s going to be an amazing Wednesday.

Fingers crossed for seeing Mr. Tamale this morning, but I’d happily settle for eggs and bacon.