Dirty Q-Tips

This weekend we had a party at our apartment and about 15 people stopped by. My husband graciously cleaned the house before the party so I could do all of the food prep. Everything was spotless.

I made sure that I emptied the bathroom trash right before the party, to keep the house spotless before guests arrived. Then about half way through the party I was in the bathroom and I noticed that there were three very dirty Q-Tips in the trash can. I only noticed them because there was nothing else in the trash.

At first I thought they may have been my husband’s Q-Tips, but I realized I emptied the trash after his shower, and he would have never let his ears get that dirty. So it was definitely one of our guests.

Our Q-Tips are right out in the open, so anyone who wants to use them can. But, the color of the used swabs in the trash led me to believe that the person who used them hadn’t cleaned their ears in quite a while. So while I am glad they cleaned their ears at our party, I hope that they invest some money in cotton swabs in the near future as who knows when they will be back at our place where they can clean their ears again.

But to whomever had the dirty ears, don’t feel bad. I had a mortifying bellybutton experience at the dermatologist last year that I can tell you about sometime.

It was definitely worse than your three dirty Q-Tips.