105 Queens Week – My First Lesson on NYC


In 2005, I was in my apartment in Astoria on a spring day with my windows open, when I heard a woman screaming somewhere nearby.

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107 Queens Week – Buffing Some Marble

If you know Astoria, you know there is a rather large Greek influence there. I didn’t have much experience with Greek American’s before I moved to NYC, but I did see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so that counts… Right?

Astoria is a bit old school, and it’s not uncommon to see large religious statues or even grottos in tiny front yards. Some homes have been redone with large columns, or stately features that resemble Grecian style like this:


This story is about the following home:


Obviously it’s not the stately duplex manor like the one above, but it was redone with marble facing.

One day, Andy and I were walking by the home and an older Greek man was outside with a shearling polisher head attached to a Makita sander, buffing the marble on the front of his house.

Andy, having done plenty of carpentry in his life, looked at me and said, “Well that’s a choice.”, referring to the choice of marble facing.

We busted into laughter. It was a ridiculous concept, AND so uniquely Astoria.

The home is still there, and it still has marble facing, but neither Andy or I have seen the man buffing his marble home since. I would love to see what he has done to the inside of the place.