162 Road Trip Week – Sedona and Friends


One perk of working in regional theater is discovering the locale you are working in. In 2011 I was working in Arizona, and some of our cast rented a car to drive to Sedona. It was such a beautiful day, and it’s one of my favorite memories from that year.

That day I ran over a tumbleweed with the car, we hiked the red rocks, had a great dinner, and laughed until we cried on the way home.

I have to admit that I liked doing regional theater well enough, but I was really there for the local experiences and adventures. I took road trips whenever possible and was constantly exploring.

I am grateful for my travels, as there are all of these pieces of Americana I have stashed away in my memory, and those memories are very dear to me.


166 Road Trip Week – Dewey From Oklahoma


In 2011, I volunteered to fly to Oklahoma and pick up an accessible van that my father-in-law had purchased. I was to meet a man named Dewey at the airport, pick up the van, and drive it halfway across the country to Maine. The accessible van had been Dewey’s wife’s van, and she had died earlier that year.

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