Rude Company

240_F_82333476_6K4xkVPSj7q0QhoK0enUN2vdRmeiBsM7The office building I work out of has a large footprint but it only has six floors. Because of this, and the crappy elevator situation, we get to know our vertical neighbors quite well.

In the morning, there is normally a line of 10-20 people waiting to use the elevators. We represent a wide range of people. From the smelly and unkempt to precision like fashionistas. Straight out of college to longtime VP’s.

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Straphanging Children


A woman got on the train this morning at Borough Hall in Brooklyn with a child who was old enough to stand and hold the pole by himself. No one gave up their seat for the child, and after a few stops her son started complaining about not sitting.

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