Grocery Woes

Shopping for groceries in NYC is kind of a pain in the ass. Stores are tiny, aisles are tight, and prices are high. If you are looking to buy a weeks worth of groceries in person, it’s generally going to be a painful effort.

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Oh! Snow!

Stepping out the front door of my apartment building this morning, I was greeted with a city covered in a small, but beautiful, layer of snow.

Perhaps I hadn’t been paying attention to the weather, but I don’t remember seeing that it was going to snow.

It was a nice little surprise that made my morning that much better.

Thank you January

Today it got up to 52 degrees in NYC.

For the first time in weeks it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I actually desired to get out and do something instead of hiding in my apartment. I opened the windows, put the screens in, and relished the warm breeze. Even the cats seemed happy to get some fresh air.

I know it won’t last long but it was nice to have a reminder that this winter shit won’t last forever. Well at least, not as far as we know.


Sweet Singing in the Choir

b929b112660c32b65d6077d249b2e294I sing in a community choir in Brooklyn. Over the past 4 years, the membership cost of the choir has doubled and the school we are associated with has shortened the number of our performances. This fall we went 3 weeks with inadequate light in our rehearsal room before they changed the lightbulbs and the staff was annoyed that we even asked to have the bulbs changed.

We always have a winter concert in January or February, and that means having rehearsal on MLK Day, an observed holiday in NYC. We also have a summer concert that happens right after Memorial Day and we have to rehearse on Memorial Day.

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Shovel it, Please

I am feeling old and grumpy as hell today. Sorry to anyone who may have encountered me in my fury.

We have a law here in NYC that you have to shovel at least a four foot pathway for pedestrians in front of your property.

For the past 6 winters this piece of crap CVS on Nostrand Avenue does the laziest job of shoveling and I am sick of it. So today I decided I had enough of their crap and I reported them to 311. Perhaps 311 is a black hole of complaints, but it still felt good to report them.

The owners of the property never shovel, they took the self checkout lanes out of the store so the lines are too goddamned long, and their prices are higher than Manhattan.

Just look at that lazy shoveling job:

I’m turning into my father.