Towel Mountains

We are still dealing with the aftermath of our apartment flooding last week. The linen closet has yet to be be painted so everything that was inside the closet is hanging out on the dining room table.

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Our favorite neighbor stopped by today to give me some roach bait that she had promised to give me. I didn’t really want it, because we have fantastic bait that we use, but she was forcing her kindness on me and I had to accept.

She rang the bell while I was on a work video call and I excused myself and went to get the door. There was a cardboard tray in her hand with the bait labeled in juice bottle caps.

As she was explaining what to do, my mind started wondering back to the conference call I was missing, and I snapped back into the conversation when my neighbor started screaming and running towards the stairwell.

I yelled, “Ms. Levy, what’s wrong?”

She was cowering halfway down the hallway, pointing into our apartment. Her reaction was so dramatic I thought she had seen a murderer or a ghost in our apartment.

Having this realization, I turned around to make sure I was safe and I saw my orange cat sitting there staring out the door at this screaming woman.

I laughed because it was all so ridiculous. She was upset that I laughed and she yelled, “I’m afraid of cats. I’ve got to go.”

As she scrambled up the stairs, I shut the door and hid the bait in a high place so the cats couldn’t get at it. I returned to my laptop, I saw that I hadn’t muted my microphone and everyone on the meeting most likely heard the whole ordeal.

They were kind enough to not say anything.

After a few hours I found a note under my door from my neighbor explaining the bait and the post script said: “I don’t like cats. I don’t know why, I just never have.”

The culprit:

13 Years and Counting

and-well-just-put-a-little-happy-anniversary-right-here-funny-memes13 years ago today, I boarded a plane that would transport me from Pittsburgh to JFK in 60-minutes, uncertain of how my life would turn out as a New Yorker.

My first real lesson of NYC was to not take a bunch of shit with me on the subway. I had two huge bags and a full-sized guitar in-tow as I was too cheap to take a cab. It was awful.

My second lesson was that my natural deodorant wasn’t going to keep up with my new NYC lifestyle. So I switched back to antiperspirant on day one.

Upon moving,  my short-term goals were to get a job and find an apartment and my long-term goals were non-existent. It took about 2-3 weeks to accomplish my short-term goals and I have fared pretty well for the last 13 years without any long-term goals.

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222 Enough About Me! What About You? – Amanda Pulcini

This is the first of my interview series that I will be conducting once a month to grill New Yorkers (past and present) about their lives in the greatest city on earth (that’s still up for debate). Many thanks to Amanda Pulcini for being my first interviewee! Amanda and I met at Allenberry Playhouse, where we worked a summer season together.

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