Cats and Laundry

One of our cats loves freshly laundered clothing.

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13 Years and Counting

and-well-just-put-a-little-happy-anniversary-right-here-funny-memes13 years ago today, I boarded a plane that would transport me from Pittsburgh to JFK in 60-minutes, uncertain of how my life would turn out as a New Yorker.

My first real lesson of NYC was to not take a bunch of shit with me on the subway. I had two huge bags and a full-sized guitar in-tow as I was too cheap to take a cab. It was awful.

My second lesson was that my natural deodorant wasn’t going to keep up with my new NYC lifestyle. So I switched back to antiperspirant on day one.

Upon moving,  my short-term goals were to get a job and find an apartment and my long-term goals were non-existent. It took about 2-3 weeks to accomplish my short-term goals and I have fared pretty well for the last 13 years without any long-term goals.

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222 Enough About Me! What About You? – Amanda Pulcini

This is the first of my interview series that I will be conducting once a month to grill New Yorkers (past and present) about their lives in the greatest city on earth (that’s still up for debate). Many thanks to Amanda Pulcini for being my first interviewee! Amanda and I met at Allenberry Playhouse, where we worked a summer season together.

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360 Abandoned Cats in Brooklyn

If you have been on the internet this week, you may have seen this Craigslist add entitled Some asshole moved out of my complex and left their cat to die. Help. (Lefferts Gardens):

Then, you may have seen this repost entitled Abandoned Cat in Brooklyn – UPDATE

If you were even luckier, you got ahold of these posts from Reddit:

My, my, what an ordeal!

This is the subway stop I live off of, and there are two thoughts that I have pondered since this happened:

1. There are a ton of strays in our neighborhood. In fact, I fall asleep each night to the lovely sound of cats copulating behind our building. Is possible that these cats were feral and someone let them inside just to get them out of the cold as the temps dropped to below zero?

2. Maybe they were someone’s cats, and there was an emergency and they had to vacate immediately. I have done work in the past with a domestic violence shelter wherein once a person calls for help, they are whisked away immediately, and have to leave their world behind, including their animals. Could it have been a similar situation?

This brings me to the point of this post. We have NO IDEA why those cats were there. The original poster on Craigslist was only trying to help and assumed it was an asshole ex-tenant, which then led people on the tirade. The crazy vitriol I have seen particularly on FB, has left me a little crazy in the head.

Here are some FB comments that I happened upon that are pretty frank about how the writers feel about the supposed owner. You can click on them to make them larger for reading purposes.











Death? You really believe this alleged cat abandoner should die a painful death? AND you would post that on a public forum?? Why are people so damned negative? Why can’t people exercise critical thinking?

One of my favorite pastimes is reading crazy comments in threads on FB and news articles, so this has been a great week for me. You can learn a lot about people by doing this! You also learn that people will say the cruelest shit and not care. Isn’t there any decorum left?

Well there is. I collected a couple of those posts as well:



Finally! A couple of people who seem like they used their noggin!

I applaud you Craigslist poster! Welcome to New York, and thank you for being a decent human being!

I hope it all works out, and if there was an actual asshole who abandoned their pets, I hope you are doing OK, and I mean that. No one actually seems to care about what is happening in your life and they are all assuming you are a jerk. Well we all know what happens when you assume.

I will leave you with three of my favorite comments on this matter. Have a great weekend!