The Subway Singer

Last night I was on my way home from dinner at a friend’s house and there was a man on the train singing his favorite songs in full voice. The man, from what I believe is on the spectrum, and his singing was short bursts of melody with indecipherable lyrics.

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Thank You, MTA

The MTA is now using their announcement system to remind people to wash their hands and get their flu shots as it’s a terrible flu season. Although I do appreciate the reminder, I find the MTA asking its passengers to wash their hands, is frankly, hilarious.

I am riding a two train right now and it’s filthy. Something spilled on the floor and it was attempted to be moped up at some point. There are chalky streaks all over the floor, making the floor gritty under my shoes. The whole train smells faintly of feces as it normally does this time of year and we all just sit here and put up with it.

So, yes, MTA. I will wash my hands once I arrive at my destination because your trains are nasty. But let me assure you, it’s not because of the flu.