I have bunions. The bunion on my left foot is worse than the one on my right foot. My mother has bunions, so I am not surprised that I have them now too.

What has surprised me is that my husband has developed them as well.

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West Side Gory


This weekend I attended Church Basement Ladies: A Mighty Fortress is Our Basement, in central Pennsylvania. A colleague of mine was in the show and it was truly a fun evening.

After the show I waited for the restroom as an elderly woman in a wheelchair, being helped into the handicapped stall by her daughter and an elderly friend, blocked the door. They started chatting about the show once the woman was securely seated on the toilet and the stall door was shut.

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55 Enought About Me! What About You? with Diana Wilde

Diana Headshot 2014

I met Diana when we were performing in MID-LIFE! The Crisis Musical in 2010. She currently lives in Minnesota, and works as an actor there as well as regionally. One of my favorite evenings in NYC was spent with her, but more on that story later.

I am pleased to introduce you to Diana Wilde!

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